Baby Milestone Cards Freebie

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I’ve been seeing friends and family snap monthly photos of their babies next to adorably designed milestone cards for the last few years. It is a genius idea. High five to whoever came up with that one!

This wasn’t a thing when my kids were babies, but I wish it was. I was so terrible at the baby book. It’s not that I didn’t want a beautiful keepsake for my children to look back at years from from now. It’s just that I was so darn forgetful to write it down. Of course I have photos of all the important stuff that I can look back on, but it would have been super easy to set one of these cards next to them each month and take a photo to showcase their growth over the first year.

I was so inspired by the unique cards I am seeing all over social media that I sat down and designed a few sets myself.

Which brings us to the freebie! Actually, it’s TWO freebies today. A set for a baby girl and a set for a baby boy.

You’ll get a full year of 5×7″ printable cards to mark your baby’s milestones for their first year. Download, print, and enjoy! Keep those adorable pictures coming!

This printable is a part of my Freebie Library. Get yours now!


My name is Jen and I’m the founder here at Pen + Pixel. I’m a self-proclaimed tech-junkie and now, a full-time digital portrait maker with over 13+ years of digital design studio experience as a web and graphic designer.

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